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Food for Health Marketplace

Updated: Jul 18

Thu-Fri, 22-23 June | 11am to 3pm

This marketplace of food startups showcases innovative, science-based - and tasty! - products that promote better health. We hope to create conversations around their emerging impact on our health and wellbeing.

They will offer SMRT commuters and the community at the Marina Central precinct where Hive is based an opportunity to sample new functional food products that are not yet widely available in stores. Some of the companies will also offer sales of their products at the marketplace booth as well as smart vending machines at the Hive.


The marketplace will feature:

Feliz Papilles

At the Feliz Papilles artisanal patisserie & kitchen, our food philosophy is straightforward, to use the best quality produce and premium ingredients. Our baking and cooking is done the traditional way, hand-crafted with care in small batches.

For those of you seeking healthier indulgences, we have taken great care to create alternate-diet offerings that taste just as good, if not better, than the original. We believe that the future of food should be inclusive to all, no matter which diet you follow. We look forward to showcasing a range of our bestselling foods!


Nutriient Pte Ltd was launched in May 2021 by SIFBI and Origgin, a local venture co-creator firm, as a spin-off from A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI) to develop and commercialise healthy food innovations to improve public health. To-date, we have developed a clinically-validated, low glycemic index (GI) cookie, and it can attenuate or slow down spikes in blood glucose levels and improve the gut health of consumers. Furthermore, it maintains the familiar textural and sensory characteristics of classic commercial cookies. We aim to provide consumers with high-quality and affordable low glycemic index (GI) food products that creates a positive impact on your health & well-being, regardless of your dietary restrictions. To be the leading provider of low GI food ingredients, backed by science, driven by taste to innovate products that meet the needs of consumers seeking healthier and more sustainable food choices.

Tulip Alchemy Vibration

Tulip Alchemy Vibration is an artisanal herbalist-owned e-commerce business that focuses solely on Health & Wellness. We provide herbal products, health & skincare virtual services and herbal workshops. Our main focus is bringing back the ancient wisdom and knowledge of all herbal realms. We focus on quality and efficacy.

We formulate our own herbal products, customisation and retail for individuals and therapists. Our customers range from family, elderly and adults, who prefer natural and chemical-free products, from Certified Herbalist.

Click to see our catalogue

Kosmode Health Kosmode Health expands access to health from nature by repurposing food processing waste streams such as spent barley grain from beer/malt production. These are formulated into functional foods such as W0W® noodles, which are rich in protein, high in fibre, with almost zero starch.

With today’s focus on preventative medicine as a means of promoting good quality of life and mitigating the economic cost of disease in Asia’s greying population, we expect that upcycled foods with the nutritional profile of W0W® will increasingly be embraced as nutritious and healthy alternatives to starch-rich staples such as rice, traditional noodles and bread in the new Food-is-Medicine era.

Learn more about W0W® noodles

Maven Alley

We believe in having 'Just the Good Stuff'.

Our batch-brewed and freshly imported Taiwan specialty teas are

  • Sugar Free, yet Sweet

  • 0 Calories (almost)

  • Naturally infused with Antioxidants

Enjoy these premium beverages chilled to suit your every mood!

Order our teas here

The Future Food Hive Logo

About Future Food Hive

Future Food Hive is an event series that brings together food entrepreneurs, corporate partners, government stakeholders, and ecosystem partners to discuss the latest food innovations, building a vibrant food innovation community, and creating business connections. Our goal is to create a platform that supports food entrepreneurs through visibility, consumer feedback, and business connections.With Future Food Hive, we hope to test a new placemaking model that creates a more vibrant Esplanade station, a model that can be scalable to other stations. Join us every month for exciting discussions, great food, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the food innovation community.

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