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Local Heroes Marketplace

Updated: Aug 8

Wed-Thu, 16-17 August | 11am to 3pm

In celebration of National Day this month, we are bringing together tomorrow’s “local heroes” of the food scene. This marketplace showcases the upstarts bringing delicious, nutritious, and exciting food to our tables. We hope to create conversations around their emerging impact on what we eat in Singapore (and perhaps where and how too).

These startups will offer SMRT commuters and the community at the Marina Central precinct where Hive is based an opportunity to sample the best of Singapore. Some of them will also offer sales of their products at the marketplace booth as well as smart vending machines at the Hive.


The marketplace will feature:


Fŭpí Beancurd Skin aims to create a new snacking experience by using conventional ingredients. Other than being just a snack on its own, which is what kick-started the idea of fŭpí, the lightness of the snack makes it a flexible product that can be consumed in many ways. To take a traditional product like beancurd skin and furnish it with a modern twist where consumers may indulge in, anywhere, at any time. Our goal is to bring families and friends together with a nostalgic snack like pí.

Shop Fŭpí here


IncuBaker is Singapore’s first ever SFA endorsed co-working kitchen which allows foodmakers to produce their products in a licensed kitchen. Established in 2018, IncuBaker's mission is to facilitate the entry of food SMEs and entrepreneurs into the market with greater ease. Being a licensed kitchen, IncuBaker creates a platform that empowers foodmakers to produce their culinary creations swiftly and at reduced expense.

IncuBaker will be featuring 4 different companies, Tais Kitchen, Chris Pork, Everta Pops and Power Pops during this upcoming Future Food Hive Marketplace.

​Moonbeam The moonbeam co. is a sustainable FoodTech startup focused on upcycling food byproducts into ingredients and products to minimise food loss and enhance food security. Brewers' Grains is a high-protein, high-fibre and sustainable granola with no refined sugar and preservatives. Click to order some Brewers' Grains now

N.P. Foods

Aftermeats is a plant-based meat manufacturer located in Singapore. Utilising Japanese technology, we crafted a high-quality meat alternative with a minced meat-like texture that still remains juicy, savoury and packed with tons of flavour. It is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, artificial flavour enhancers, refined sugars and nasty fillers. That means everyone and anyone can happily enjoy our product! Paired with our allium free sauces, Aftermeats is the perfect addition to any dish. Embrace a guilt-free, satisfying tasty experience while we redefine the future of plant-based meat for everyone to enjoy!

Order our product here

Shopee | Lazada

​​Tan Seng Kee Foods For over 80 years, Tan Seng Kee Foods has provided quality and tasty noodle products to everyone around. Our Kang Kang brand houses a range of fresh noodle products reaching out to urbanities seeking quality food. Made from all-natural and top-grade ingredients, our products are pasteurised and preservative-free, offering healthy food choices for all. Rich, authentic flavours made with Grandma's traditional recipes, all natural pounded spices, fresh noodles, and premium condiments - all in microwave-ready single servings that can be prepared in just 2 minutes. Convenience, taste and health are more accessible than ever with our Microwaveable Noodle Boxes. Order our products here

The SOS Kitchen The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling & bustling city: Singapore. We are a Mother-Son duo who are fans of all things SPICY! We offer a delightful range of cooking sauces & dips that revolutionise home cooking, making it a breeze for all culinary enthusiasts. With options ranging from zesty marinades to creamy dips & aromatic curry sauces, The SOS Kitchen caters to diverse tastes & cuisines. Our versatile sauces not only add flavour but also save valuable prep time in the kitchen. Whether it's a quick weeknight dinner or a special occasion, The SOS Kitchen's cooking sauces & dips make cooking easy. All our products are Vegetarian, with No Added Preservatives, Made with Locally sourced ingredients. Check out our products here

Coffee Hock

Since 1997, Coffeehock strives to keep our core values (safety, quality, convenience & value) in all the products we produced. At the same time, we hope to advocate bonding between different generations over coffee or tea.

We realised that younger generations might not be familiar with locally produced coffee - Nanyang coffee's traditional taste - and we hope to bridge that gap.

Today, Coffeehock's products are available in our local supermarkets, convenience stores and minimarts.

We also have an extensive range of wholesale grounded coffee and tea which are catered for use in corporate offices, coffee shops, hospitals, schools and catering services. With our expertise, your cup of coffee or tea will always be aromatic and fresh with an authentic traditional taste.

Shop our products here

The Future Food Hive Logo

About Future Food Hive

Future Food Hive is an event series that brings together food entrepreneurs, corporate partners, government stakeholders, and ecosystem partners to discuss the latest food innovations, building a vibrant food innovation community, and creating business connections. Our goal is to create a platform that supports food entrepreneurs through visibility, consumer feedback, and business connections.With Future Food Hive, we hope to test a new placemaking model that creates a more vibrant Esplanade station, a model that can be scalable to other stations. Join us every month for exciting discussions, great food, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the food innovation community.

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