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Future Food Ingredients Marketplace

Updated: 6 days ago

Wed-Thur, 24-25 May | 11am to 3pm

This marketplace of food startups showcases new, alternative ingredients, and innovative products using these ingredients. We hope to create conversations around their emerging contributions to the food industry and their potential impact on sustainability and health.

They will offer SMRT commuters and the community at the Marina Central precinct where Hive is based an opportunity to sample new, alternative ingredients that are not yet widely available in stores. Some of the companies will also offer sales of their products at the marketplace booth as well as smart vending machines at the Hive.


The marketplace will feature:

Future Protein Solutions

FPS ProProtein Lite is a clean label high protein powder (76% protein content). It is a prebiotic which improves gut health. It contains a full amino acid profile, coupled with high amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc without causing bloating or gas that is associated with dairy products.

It is a versatile ingredient that can be used for both sweet applications such as in chocolates and smoothies, as well as in savoury applications, such as in soups, or to fortify noodles.


The moonbeam co. is a sustainable FoodTech startup focused on upcycling food byproducts into ingredients and products to minimise food loss and enhance food security.

Brewers' Grains is high-protein, high-fibre, sustainably produced granola with no refined sugar and preservatives.

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WhatIF Foods

A climate positive food brand that aims to replenish diets, restore lands and reconnect us with farming partners. While the sustainability movement remains strong, we at WhatIF Foods believe sustainability doesn’t go far enough or fast enough to address the imminent climate emergency. The need of the hour is Regeneration.

Keeping regenerative practices at our core, we are proud to bring the customer everyday food favourites such as instant noodles and milk that are better for them and the planet. Our products are delicious and highly nutritious; packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and iron and without any artificial flavours, colours or nasties.

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At Prefer, we make bean-free coffee because coffee is threatened by and contributes to climate change. By fermenting bread, soy, and brewers spent grain with microbes that create coffee flavours, our end product looks, tastes, and brews like ground coffee. We sell to coffee businesses that brew Prefer coffee in their stores or co-brand with us for a CPG.

Shandi Global

Shandi Global is a leading Plant-Based Meat manufacturer in Singapore. Shandi’s unique patented technology and products are environmental-friendly, healthier, GMO-free and no added artificial flavours. Our product Plant based Chicken are made with high quality ingredients which are more nutritious having more protein, less sodium and zero cholesterol and produced using state-of-the-art technology to create the taste and texture of traditional meat-based products.

The Future Food Hive Logo

About Future Food Hive

Future Food Hive is an event series that brings together food entrepreneurs, corporate partners, government stakeholders, and ecosystem partners to discuss the latest food innovations, building a vibrant food innovation community, and creating business connections. Our goal is to create a platform that supports food entrepreneurs through visibility, consumer feedback, and business connections.With Future Food Hive, we hope to test a new placemaking model that creates a more vibrant Esplanade station, a model that can be scalable to other stations. Join us every month for exciting discussions, great food, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the food innovation community.

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